How to give your children empowerment in their life

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It is very important that you support your children and that you give them empowerment for their life. It’s so hard growing up today, especially for teens. There is so much trouble that your child can get into and you may not even have a clue to as much danger as your teen really is in. Your child will have to deal with pressures to conform to their friends, they have pressures about sex, they have pressures about drugs, and they have pressures to be something that they can never be.

How will your child know what to do about these pressures if they have no support or guidance? How will your child ever be able to get over all the choices that they are going to have to make, and how will they know what choices to make?  This is why it is very important that you guide your child, however, you need to empower them with knowledge about the consequences of their actions rather than tell them what to do.

The difference between guiding and empowering is that you tell your child what to do when you guide them, but if you were to empower them you will be supporting them to make the right decision, however it is still on them. You don’t have to shelter your child, but just give them some knowledge on how the real world works for them to become empowered to make the right decisions for themselves. You need to make sure that your children knows what will happen to them if they make the wrong decision and why the right choice is so right.

When you start bullying your own child and telling them what to do, you are only going to feed their need to do the opposite. It doesn’t even matter if the child wants to smoke or have a drink, but it symbolizes them breaking the chains that you have so tightly locked on them. There is a difference between telling and informing, and a good parent will recognize the difference and change the way that they approach their children.

Not only do you need to inform your child about all the dangers of the world, but you need to talk to them. Tell your child that you want to protect them, but that you know that you can’t. When you are honest to your child, you will give them empowerment.

Don’t lie to a child or pull that “Because I said so” authority because they will only want to rebel. The key is to be open and honest when communicating. If you can’t be open and honest to your child, then you will never have a relationship with them. It is your relationship with your child that just might end up saving their life someday. It is very important that they find empowerment from their relationships with their parents.

You will also want to empower your children with support. If you tell your child that they can call you no matter what, then you will earn their trust and they will find the empowerment to be better and make the right decisions. With your bond with the child, you will find that they will do whatever they can to make the right decisions and to make you proud.

If you just listen and support, even their dumbest ideas, then you will find yourself on the inside crew, and they won’t feel the need to rebel. However, you have to show your support as a parent and not a friend. That task may be difficult, but you will feel the empowerment the first time you are let out of the loop.